Roots Only is Helping to Keep Jobs in Our Community

Roots Only is a patented hair color applicator comb that allows the user to apply hair color to roots, in less than five minutes, with salon professional results at home.  Roots Only was invented by Bonnie Steen in 1997 out of a need to solve her own hair coloring problem.  Bonnie says, “for me, the home hair color process was time consuming and messy.  I was missing spots on the back of my head, and I was damaging my hair by getting hair color on already colored hair.”  With Roots Only, hair color travels through hollow teeth and is released at new growth only.

In 2002, Roots Only Inc. began partnering with Vocational Improvement Program, Inc. for contract assembly and packaging services.  We originally selected VIP because they provided a one-stop solution for our assembly, packaging, warehousing and shipping needs.  We also believed in and strongly supported the VIP mission of “maximizing the potential of individuals with disabilities.”  At Roots Only, Inc. we especially appreciate how VIP partners with us to make a difference in our community by providing meaningful work opportunities to people with disabilities so they can achieve personal growth and independence.  The clients at VIP have done an outstanding job with timely fulfillment of our customer orders, attention to detail and quality.  Roots Only, Inc. desires to contribute to our community by keeping manufacturing and assembly jobs right here in our local communities!  When we work together toward this end we all come out ahead.  Thank you, VIP, for being the conduit for bringing together business leaders and your terrific clients to make a difference in our community!

Susan Ladua – VP Operations of Roots Only, Inc.

I like working on this job!!!

John T. has been with VIP Since 2003.  He has worked at community employment sites including McLane, Yokum and Pizza Hut.  John currently works in the San Bernardino base program on the Roots Only assembly line.  “I like working on this job,” say John.  “It makes me happy and proud to use my own check to buy things with the money that I’ve earned.”

John is active in community and church events and enjoys bowling in a league – his highest score is an impressive 267!  In May, he will be attending a State bowling tournament in San Francisco.  John lives in Yucaipa and also like dancing and eating out at restaurants.

“John is very pleasant, cooperative and makes sure that he greets all VIP staff every morning,” says Susie Muñoz, John’s Case Manager.

About RootsOnly

Roots Only Incorporated is a woman-owned business based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We distribute personal applicators and products that simplify home hair care routines of our customers. Our patented, delivery applicator is ideal for the application of hair color, conditioning growth oil, medicated shampoos, hair oils, and other solutions for the scalp and roots. We manufacture high quality, affordable products that save you time and money while offering professional results. All Roots Only brand products are reusable and 100% made in the USA.
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