Hair and Beauty Tips

Tip of the Day!!!!   Shampoos and Conditioners are important products to keep your hair clean and healthy. Try to use one that moisturizes, hydrates and replenishes. Ones that have natural oils like Shea, Avocado and Olive are the ones your hair will benefit the most out of.  To get the most out of your shampoos and conditioners.  Use your Roots Only Applicator to get your solutions down to your scalp and hair roots.

hp-bla-sea100Hair Tip #1: Tend to your scalp, not just your strands 
If your hair is misbehaving, maybe the problem is product buildup on your scalp—something clarifying shampoo won’t sufficiently cleanse. The result? Clogged hair follicles, weakened strands and possibly slowed hair growth. To get rid of that grime, a senior colorist in Manhattan, swears by oldie but goody Sea Breeze Astringent ($5; drugstores). Apply to your scalp once a week with Roots Only Applicator, then shampoo as usual.

Avocado-hair-treatmentHair Tip #2: Avocado for Shiny Hair???  Long touted as the miracle hair food, they’re high in vitamins B and E which promote a healthy scalp and the growth of new strands,” says Cynthia Pasquella, certified clinical nutritionist, SoCal Cleanse founder. “They’re also full of healthy, monounsaturated fats to plump up and moisturize hair follicles. Talk about shine!

DSCN0367Hair Tip #3: If your hair is really dry, deep-condition at home. Apply conditioner to clean, damp hair; slip on a plastic cap and let your hair absorb for minutes.

SwimingHair Tip #4: With summer just around the corner, protect your hair when swimming. Swimming is a great choice of exercise which benefits the body as a whole. Unfortunately, it’s not always that beneficial for your hair. Chlorine used in swimming pools can damage your hair by stripping it of essential oils and nutrients which results in dry, brittle and broken hair.

Hair Tip #5: Air-dry whenever possible. Try to minimize the use of blow dryer as the strong heat tends to damage the hair, also the moisture lost makes them look rough and lifeless. Give your hair a break from that blow dryer, those curling irons and so many perms. When you are kind to your hair, it rewards you by looking and feeling better. Choose a hairstyle that will let your hair fall natural.

Hair Tip #6: Deep protein or moisturizing conditioning treatments penetrate the hair shaft and protect the hair against breakage. Regular treatments encourage healthy conditioned hair and aid hair loss.

Hair Tip #7: Avoid Hair Sprays.  Be cautious when using hair sprays because they contain various chemical substances that can damage your hair. Hair sprays may be used to smooth the hair or to cause it to accept certain patterns of appearance. For instance, if hair is to be straightened, it is treated first with substances that soften it and the fix in the pattern. Similarly, if hair is to be curled, it must be softened first. The makers of various sprays for producing hair waves and curls are also aware that substances which soften the hair may damage it and there are other substances that stop the action of the softener.

Hair Tip #8: Before you use a particular hair care product check for the reason it is designed for. Chose a product that best suits your hair type. Test products like hair colors, dyes and bleaches on a small patch before using them. Use shampoos alternatively a product will lose its effectiveness if used for a long term.

10659_1362019651_3348Hair Tip #9: Sunblock your hair too!  What many people do not realize is that your hair is very capable of becoming sunburned as well. This can lead to dry and brittle hair. To remedy this, try a spray sunblock and get your hair along with the rest of your body.

Hair Tip #10: Get your ends clipped regularly.  This is a vital step in hair care. This is because when your ends are damaged it breaks off more and can even damage the rest of the hair follicle which means when you do finally get your ends clipped you will have to cut more off. The best way to prevent this is to clip your ends on a regular basis. I suggest either once or twice a month depending on how quickly your hair grows.

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